About us

       Welcome to Illuminate Expression Boutique, my name is Alyssa and I created this store for women to find clothing and accessories that will allow them to feel comfortable, confident, and of course illuminate like the beauty they are…while being graceful! I also offer some very adorable baby/ toddler outfits. I tend to gravitate towards dresses that remind me of a Southern Belle, but I offer clothes that are inspired by some of my friend's styles as well. You may notice that some shirts and jewelry reference faith. This is because I put my faith in Jesus Christ who loves us so much that he lived a sinless life and died a painful death that our sins deserved, but he rose again and by doing this he defeated death, so now anyone who believes in him can have eternal life with him. I want his love and light to shine and illuminate through me and that is what inspired the name of Illuminate Expression Boutique. If you have any questions regarding the boutique or about Jesus please feel free to reach out and contact us. Thank you for exploring Illuminate Expression Boutique, Happy shopping!